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Passover Kiddush Cup, Barchfeld, Germany, Gift of Edith RiemerFrequently Asked Questions

For Teachers:

  1. I made a change to an exhibition but I still see the old information.  How can I see if my change has been made?  Click your browser's refresh button (which usually looks like two arrows forming a circle) or on a PC press the F5 button.

  2. Can one Teacher make more than one exhibition?  Yes, just make sure that you have a way to differentiate your exhibitions.  For example you can have a different class name, exhibition title or year so users will be able to tell your exhibitions apart.  You will also need to create a new exhibtion which will generate a new exhibtion code.

  3. What happens if two or more teachers and classes are working together?  That is no problem.  Simply write the teachers' names on the name line and include the class names in the field where you enter the name of the class.

  4. I am having trouble viewing the pop-up windows in the exhibition.  How can I get them to appear?  You may have to turn off your pop-up blocker.  In your browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Safari)  click on the Tools button then  find the pop-up blocker option and turn off the pop-up blocker.