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There are many different ways to learn about the world and to learn about history. One way to learn is by reading a textbook. Another way to learn is by looking at a picture. Yet another way to learn is by studying an artifact. An artifact is often an object that is left over from a different time and sometimes from a different place. Most things that people have are used for a period of time and then they wear out and are thrown away, given away or recycled.  They have fulfilled their use and they are disposed of to make way for things which need to be used in present.  Think about many of the toys you had as a child or your old clothes. Most things do not survive beyond their original use. This is the case even with objects that have monetary value. When something does survive, it is often because it has special meaning for its owner, who has carefully preserved it. That special meaning is the "story" of the artifact.

An artifact that has been passed down from grandparent to parent to child may tell many important stories about that family and their experiences. These are the kinds of artifacts that make up the Living Museum. 

On this website you will learn how to make an Living Museum in your school and online. You will discover how to find an artifact at home and investigate its story. You will learn how to write the story of your artifact as a museum label and how to submit your artifact for publication on this website.