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Links and Resources   
Links and Resources

For Students and Families:
This website from the National Museum of American History provides games and educational activities for learning about artifacts.  Students can also make their own virtual exhibition.
The Reed Farmstead Archeological website contains information about artifacts from the Civil War and farms. It includes games that teach about artifacts.
The Kids section of the Colonial Williamsburg website, discusses archeology and artifacts.

The Kids section of Artifacts of British Columbia website includes activities for learning about artifacts.
The National Museum of Jewish American History has online exhibitions which feature art and artifacts related to Jewish life in the United States.

The Center for Jewish History used resources from five Jewish institutions to put together this timeline and photo gallery which tells the story of Jewish life in America from 1654 to today.
The Library of Congress has many activities for learning about history, geography, books, and science.
Explore the Whitney Museum’s collection of 20th and 21st century art, create your own interactive art museum, and learn about art history.



The Library of Congress offers lesson plans for teaching students how to learn from primary documents including artifacts.

This website contains lessons about teaching about artifacts. 

The Jewish Virtual Library is good place to begin researching artifacts that students may want to investigate.
The Whitney Museum’s collection of 20th and 21st century art is a terrific resource for teaching history.  This repository contains timelines, lesson plans, a teacher blog, an image library, and an application that enables students to create online art exhibitions.