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Students with ArtifactsCreating a Museum Catalogue and an On-Line Exhibition

Once your artifact has been selected, your label written, your galleries created, and your text panel written, you can now put all of these elements together to create an exhibition catalogue, which is essentially a paper version of your final Living Museum exhibition. At the same time that you and your teacher will be assembling your materials for the exhibition catalogue, you will upload you artifact image, artifact label, and gallery panel on to the Living Museum website. In this way, your artifact will become part of a growing Living Museum that will eventually tell something about the lives of hundreds of families.

Creating the Living Museum Exhibition

The final stage in the Living Museum program is to create a Living Museum exhibition. At the exhibition, your artifact will be on display together with the artifact label that you wrote. Your artifact will be in a gallery with other artifacts and will tell an important part of a bigger story. Other students, your parents, friends, relatives, and other people may come by to visit your gallery. Be sure to tell them what you learned about your artifact and why your artifact is important to you. Enjoy the exhibition. You will be proud of all the good work that you put into it to make it happen.